Message From Dean

Message From Dean

Since its establishment in 1964, the Faculty of Social Sciences places strong emphasis on quality educational management, producing research that is utilized to develop local communities and the nation, supporting academic services based on the community and local needs, preserving religion, art and culture and the conservation of resources and the environment, as well as developing academic internationalization within the Faculty.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is carefully driving its strategy and action plan in accordance with the vision of “Enhancing Knowledge through Sustainability Social Development”. To achieve this, the Faculty’s management ensures transparency, fairness and good governance are practiced while utilizing decentralization and teamwork management principles to empower the staff to work efficiently together on achieving the Faculty’s goals.

In addition, the Faculty of Social Sciences has determined its development direction in line with Chiang Mai University’s 12th Educational Development Plan (2017-2021) that has adopted the United Nations (UN) management guideline of “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” as well as the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy to be a framework for driving towards the Faculty’s goals and vision.

Nowadays, there are social changes affecting higher education, such as the population structure, labor market requirements, leaners’ attitudes and expectations and the development of digital technology, etc. The Faculty of Social Sciences realizes the importance of these things. Therefore we have been prepared “The Four-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2024)” consists of three strategies: 1) developing quality of graduate and research in international level 2) learning with communities and developing community innovation, and 3) good governance and support system development which is to ensure the Faculty’s readiness to act in such a changing situation in order to be an organization with academic strength and society serving.

Associate Professor Dr. Thapin Phatcharanuruk
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences