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SUMERNET Public Seminar on Listening to Voices on the Margins

Special round admission to the Ph.D. Program in Geography (International)

การบรรยายออนไลน์ ในหัวข้อ "The family blockbuster of the year - 'Pariksha Pe Charcha"

Call for Papers: Disruption, Challenges and Resilience in Contemporary Southeast Asia

โครงการอบรมระยะสั้น “Sociology and Anthropology of Northern Thailand and Upper Mekong – Spring Semester 2022” (USAC programs) กลุ่ม “Highland Ethnic Peoples” ภายใต้ CMU School of Lifelong Education

WEBINAR: From planning to publicizing: Tips for writing a blog and sharing on social media


Global Social Sciences

ASEAN Travelling 2019: India


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Geography

Established in 1964, as the first Geography Department in Thailand, the Department of Geography, Chiang Mai University has focusing on producing graduates who specialize in various fields of geography. Over the past 50 years, the Department of Geography has continuously produced graduates, in bachelor’s and master’s degree, to serve the country.


Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Apart from providing academic program at the undergraduate level that has continued for over 50 years and producing graduates who have worked to serve society in various professional fields until now, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology has raised the level of academic progress on producing graduates in the master's and doctorate degree.


Department of Social Science and Development

The Department of Social Science and Development offers various courses dealing with social science and development issues and focusing on a wide range of research related to development, with key research topics including environment and natural resource, land using, migration, ethnic society and culture, health and gender with the research area focuses on Southeast Asian region.


Department of Women's Studies

As the first Department of Women Studies in the Mekong Sub-Region established in the North of Thailand, the Department of Women's Studies, Chiang Mai University is recognized as an academic center for women studies producing knowledge and research work for equality between women and men as well as human rights of women. The center is not only a source of academic knowledge but also a center for knowledge application and dissemination for the benefit of local, national, regional and international society.

Message from Dean

Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University is one of the first three faculties established in the year 1964, the year of Chiang Mai University’s founding and aged 56 years in the year 2020. At present, the organizational structure of the Faculty consists of Office of the Faculty, Department of Geography, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Department of Social Science and Development, Department of Women's Studies and the Center of Research and Academic Services. According to the vision of the Faculty of Social Sciences "For Academic Excellence and Sustainable Social Development" and its motto of "Social Sciences for Society", Faculty of Social Sciences has administrated its mission, strategy and action plan in consistent with the said vision and has used the management principles including transparency, fairness, good governance, decentralization and teamwork. This is for all personnel in the Faculty of Social Sciences to understand the same development goals in order to work efficiently and jointly develop the Faculty continuously.

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