Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University was established and started teaching along with the establishment of Chiang Mai University on June 18, 1964.  Sociology and Anthropology are the knowledge developed from the context of  change into the modern world which goes back more than 50 years ago, so it is considered a new academic field for Thai society.

More than 5 decades, Department of Sociology and Anthropology has focus on teaching, research and academic services  with international standards, respond to the development strategy of the university and the country and in line with the changing contexts both regional and global. The department’s mission is to produce graduates with morality, knowledge, ability, creativity, critical thinking  and be able to keep up with the changes, to apply knowledge and skills with their occupations and to live with people in peace, happiness and social responsibility sense.

Our Graduates have potential to work in a variety of careers, namely;

1. Government work in the Ministry of Interior (Department of Community Development) Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Culture Ministry of Justice (Department of Corrections, Department of Probation, Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, Department of Rights and Liberties Protection), Ministry of Education, National Statistical Office, Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board, Social work in hospitals and local administrative organizations

2. Private sector work such as Marketing Research and Planning Officer, Research and Project Evaluation Officer, Marketing Research Department, Research and Project Evaluation Department, Human Resource Department, CSR Department, Corporate Social Responsibility of Private Companies, Bank employees and personnel loans, public relations officers, etc.

3.Academic and media work: lecturers, researchers, cultural scholars, writers, journalists, book editors, staff in NGOs, civil society organizations, etc.

Department of Sociology and Anthropology


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