Academic Service & Community Engagement

  • Faculty of Social Sciences has an academic services that work continuously with communities and local administration organizations, for example villages of ethnic groups in the upper north region. Research and academic service can keep academics informed about the problems of the affected community from development projects and government policies such as problems of arable land rights and negotiation of ethnic communities that will lead to problem analysis and find solutions together with the community including being able to provide policy recommendations to the government sector as well.

    The knowledge gained by the community from academic services can be promoted to become a model community to cope with various problems effectively and can also be expanded to other areas, such as a disaster risk management project to build capacity of communities to resilience from small dust dangers which received  international awards.

    In addition, the academic service of the Faculty is also an action in the form of application development for the government and communities, such as an application showing air quality, dust value, application for northern farmers to reduce the amount of fertilizers that are resulted in greenhouse gas emissions, application for water providing for each plant, application shows the value of soil carbon, Including the “FireD” application, which help manage the burning of waste materials in agriculture to reduce inequality and build understanding of farmers' land use.

  • Research Centers

    The knowledge / research work of various research cluster as well as academic services have been developed and operated through research centers of the Faculty that are very strong and have been in operation over a long period of time, such as the ASEAN research group that is based primarily on the Regional Center for Social Sciences and Sustainable Development (RCSD) and the faculties interested in border studies. The Environmental and Disaster research group is based on the Center for Space Technology and Geo-Informatics (North), or GIST NORTH, or the China and India research group is based through the Center for China and Southeast Studies and the Indian Studies Center, etc. Currently, the Faculty of Social Sciences has totally 7 centers for research and academic services.

  •  Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Centre (Northern Region) (GISTNORTH)