Regional Center for Climate and Environmental Studies (RCCES)

RCCES is a research center and a data provider on topics of both science and human dimensions of climate, climate change and environment. For example, climate change projections and impacts, and mitigation and adaptation in different sectors such as water resource, agriculture, ecosystem and health. We are committed to researching and building resilience to climate change by, first, developing short-term medium-term and long-term early warning system using a combination of mathematical model, geographic information system and remote sensing. Examples include forecasting of weather, air quality, flood and drought, and seasonal climate prediction. Second, and inseparable to the first, we also focus our research on human dimensions of climate change perception and response in urban and rural areas to help leading Thailand toward a climate resilient society. In addition, we continually engage in exchanging knowledge, learning and collaborating with other research centers within Chiang Mai University and its network, and other institutions in Thailand and abroad.


Dr. Chakrit Chotamonsak
Telephone number: +66 88 2601602