Center for Ethnic Studies and Development (CESD)

In 2009, in order to support the integration between academic research programs and graduate studies, Chiang Mai University transferred the management of CESD from the Institution for Social Research to the Faculty of Social Science, and raised its status to be the University’s Centre of Excellence.

In accordance to Chiang Mai University’s policy, the CESD was established to promote integration between research and study programs. It also aims to be a resource center on the related issues of ethnic groups in Thailand and other countries in the Southeast Asia region. CESD encompasses four areas of work as follows.

1.Research; The CESD is interested in the problems ethnic groups are facing such as livelihood, cultural rights, ethnic identities and the obstruction of their movements under State development polities and wider globalization contexts. The research therefore mostly utilizes participatory methods in order to empower the peoples and focus on the analysis of their negotiations and adaptation to change for advocacy purposes.
2. Study program; The Master of Arts Program in Social Science (Ethnicity and Development) focuses on ethnic relations and development theories and concepts and field research. Graduates of this program are expected to be capable of analyzing relations between State, ethnic groups and development trends in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region, whilst having clear ideas and understanding about a harmonious multi-cultural society.
3. Academic conferences, seminars and training programs; To publicize ethnic issues and raise awareness to academics and students on the impacts of development and globalization on ethic peoples, the CESD provides space for problem sharing and debates about ethnic relations via conferences and seminars. It also conducts training workshops with State authorities and non-governmental organizations to promote positive attitudes and understanding of ethnic peoples and their problems.
4. Publications; Publications on ethnic studies and development both in Thai and English languages are produced to be study references and resources that promote positive attitudes and understanding towards ethnic groups in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region.


Dr.Chayan Vaddhanaphuti
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